Welcome to Unparalleled Adventure, a “semi-insightful” mostly zany blog following my journey in Software Development.

Computers have always called to me, and I’ve always been fascinated by them and what they can do. Rather, what we can tell them to do.  For me, software has been part of my life since I was young . I grew up in an age where I got to see the world be transformed by technology. It’s amazing to think that devices that used to amass entire rooms, have now been superseded by devices smaller than a dime, containing much more power. Our world now revolves around technology, whether we like it or not. Our society, has become one of constant stimulation and gratification, for good or for bad. It has been an interesting shift, not only in hardware, but in software too.

They say the key to life is to find three hobbies. One that makes you money, one that keeps you fit, and one that lets you be creative. I find it very intriguing, how software can fulfil two of those. (As for the third, well I’m sure there’s research into that) Software development is one of the few disciplines that walks the line between Arts and Science. Finding that balance — that’s the Unparalleled Adventure.

My name is Peter Lorimer, a Software Scientist, Outdoors Idealist, and Wannabe Chef. I’ve been creating software professionally for seven years and trying to tell computers what to do, sometimes successfully, for much longer. Join me on this journey where we explore Software Development as an Art and as a Science. Learning from my mistakes, the mistakes of others, and the occasional success.


As with anything you find on the internet, you should always double check the information presented. Even though I promise to do my best to not spread misinformation, accidents do happen. So reader beware! Also, the views and opinions expressed in this blog are mine, and mine alone and they do not necessarily reflect that of my employer or anyone else for that matter.

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