[ASPeKT] Oriented Programming

I recently had the pleasure of doing a podcast, with Matthew D. Groves, of Cross Cutting Concerns blog. He essentially “wrote the book”, so to speak, on Aspect Oriented Programming. It’s called AOP in .NET, without pumping his tires too much, I will say that his book is pretty great. I just recently finished reading it, and came toContinue reading “[ASPeKT] Oriented Programming”

Template<T> vs. Generic<T>

The other day I was discussing the differences between C++ templates and C# generics. In my opinion, C++ templates reigns supreme. Not because I’m one of those guys with a “My compiler compiles your compiler.” shirt. But because in general abstractions in C++ tend to ‘cost’ lest than the same abstractions in C#. For instance,Continue reading “Template<T> vs. Generic<T>”

The Zero Cost Abstraction of Iteration

I’ve been hooked on C++ for about 10 years now. Since CMPUT101, I’ve been attracted to the syntax of the language, the simplicity of use, and later the driving ideals behind the language. C++’s author Bjarne Stroustrup, stands alone when it comes to preaching language ideals and pushing the language forward all while respecting theseContinue reading “The Zero Cost Abstraction of Iteration”

Ye Olde Double Dispatch; The Invasive Visitor Pattern; and Pattern Matching.

As the title suggests we’re exploring The Ol’ Double Dispatch, Visitor Pattern and Pattern Matching. Given this topic can be language agnostic, I’ll choose C++ for examples. We all know it’s the language of languages. Kind of like Latin. It also gives me a good framework to work with because it’s close to the metal,Continue reading “Ye Olde Double Dispatch; The Invasive Visitor Pattern; and Pattern Matching.”