Don’t try this at work – Vector Pt. 3

Welcome back everyone, for at long last, the last in this vector series. It’s been a long haul, and I appreciate everyone who has come along for the journey. In light of the happenings recently in the United States of America, I’d just like everyone to take a moment of silence; for those victims ofContinue reading “Don’t try this at work – Vector Pt. 3”

Don’t try this at work – Vector Pt. 2

How’s y’all summer bodies lookin’? Mine’s lookin’ like I got a nice personality. — Random Reddit Post I hope all is well with each, and every one of you. This has definitely been a stressful, and mentally trying time. Shortly after my last post, the monitor on my laptop failed, and I had to replaceContinue reading “Don’t try this at work – Vector Pt. 2”

Don’t try this at work – Vector Pt. 1

Welcome back! I hope you’re enjoying quarantine. I know for me, not being able to get out climb has definitely had an impact on my mental health. Oh, and my waistline. That being said, I’ve had more time to get into the code, which is a piece of my own little paradise. As I mentionedContinue reading “Don’t try this at work – Vector Pt. 1”

A Single Responsibility

Over the years I quite often find myself pondering software development patterns and practices. It’s the kind of thing I think about in my downtime, when I’m driving to and from work, or sitting at home… pondering. I always seem to come back to one question, is the common interpretation of the pattern, that isContinue reading “A Single Responsibility”